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‘Yakhanani’ is a Zulu word that means ‘let’s build and grow together’ and it is an apt description for this school mentorship program that is designed by University Students to be implemented by University Students and graduates targeting  High School students from disadvantaged communities. 

 The ‘Yakhanani School project’ feeds into the leadership development component of our mission statement, which aims at developing a crop of leaders with a heart for the community and a commitment to shared growth and development

  • An avenue for the provision of information and opportunity as well as support to facilitating access to higher education.
  • Provide information and opportunities available for youth empowerment and development. 
Yakhanani’ is inspired by our Christian obligation to care and develop morally upright and ethical leadership.
 Our Activities.

i)                    Tutorial provision & Career Orientation.

ii)                  Computer literacy project.

iii)                Mentorship development & Coaching

iv)                Music development and art project.

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Our Philosophy
  • To train leaders to develop a heart for the community they come from and are surrounded by.
  • To create platforms for knowledge, skills and opportunity sharing. 
  • To promote a culture of solidarity in joint development by encouraging senior students and graduate to volunteer to mentor high schools learners.
  • To Provide a platform for discipleship unto Christ through the medium of Christian education and the promotion of a biblical worldview and value systems.