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  "As a student movement we organise outreach activities on campus including seminars, workshops, picnics and conferences on a range of topics focusing on discipleship, leadership development, relationships management and a monthly ladies prayer breakfast. We have major conferences with guest speakers, organise weekend retreats and camps for students and provide groceries parcels to the impoverished and deprived students"

" Our youth development and projects department organises outreaches to the communities targetting high school students to prepare them for life at the University by offering career guidance, making known scholarship opportunities, assisting with filing out applications to come to the University and providing tutorials support in selected subjects to increase the pass rates at their final exams and increase their chances of gaining admission to the University"
 " Our pastors and leaders do not receive a salary from the Ministry so our donations go to our outreach activities and events"
"As a registered NPO our patrons benefit from tax rebates when they provide support to our activities" 
 " It is our vision to own campsites, youth retreats venues and student development centers all across the country" 
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