Christ's Youth & Student Movement
Integrity, Excellence & Leadership
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Our Vision. 

To raise a generation of youths and Students that identify with and belong to Jesus Christ. A generation of youths and students who embrace a life of excellence, manifested through excellence academically, professionally, spiritually, emotionally and relationally. Combining a commitment to excellence with a life of integrity and uprightness. Living with a leadership mentality and moving into positions of leadership to influence the world for Christ by modelling the character of Joseph, the integrity and uprightness of Daniel and the courage of Nehemiah in a contemporary context.
Our Mission Statement. 

To contribute to the Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20 by making disciples of Jesus Christ on Every University and College Campus in South Africa and Africa. Turning these high school and university students into fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ. Disciples who are committed to a life of excellence, integrity and leadership. A generation of Christ’s youths and students on a crusade to live with Jesus as our model in discipleship, Daniel our inspiration of excellence (Daniel 6:3), Joseph our model in character and Integrity, and Nehemiah our Forerunner in Leadership. Leavings campus to fulfil their God ordained purposes as spirit filled believers across their respective professions like Daniel, Joseph and Nehemiah.